Updates: English revised draft, next article


Just a really quick update: thanks to the awesome Meguey Baker of Night Sky Games, the English draft has been updated. The game’s procedures are exactly the same as before, but the text’s clarity has been improved, in hope that now there are much less confusing sentences. You can find the new version in the link section on the right.

Then, a little update about the blog. At the moment, I’m trying to manage to find the time to write an article about the differences I perceive between rpgs and psychological therapy sessions. Someone wrote that Novanta minuti seems like a psychological game and, though that’s surely true in some respects, I want to remark that it is not therapy, and that I’m not a therapist.

Most of all, Novanta minuti is not a depressing game. It may be touching or difficult to face for someone, but it’s not written to be depressing, not at all. I can’t tell more than this without probably ruining part of the enjoyment of the game (and the usefulness of playtests), but rest assured that I’m pretty solid on what I’ve said.

Ah, playtests! I have a few in schedule, and some friends are about to try the game by themselves. If you try the game too, let me know how it went! And obviously, if you need anything, just contact me, here or at my email address.

Novanta minuti in Polacco! || Ninety Minutes in Polish!

ITALIANO (English translation below)

Il 16 giugno è il “Free RPG Day”, che in Polonia viene chiamato “Dzień Darmowych Gier Fabularnych”. Per questa occasione, il sito polacco grynarracyjne.pl, lo stesso che il mese scorso mi ha intervistato a proposito di Novanta minuti, mi ha chiesto il permesso di pubblicare una traduzione in Polacco del testo del gioco.

Il gioco non è ancora pronto, ha bisogno di essere playtestato e rifinito; detto questo, visto che la versione di playtest è già disponibile gratuitamente in Italiano e in Inglese, aggiungere un’ulteriore traduzione non può che farmi piacere.

Inoltre, le persone che hanno lavorato al file si sono veramente messe d’impegno, e ne è uscito un manualetto molto, molto carino.

Quindi, sono felice di presentare 90 minut, traduzione in Polacco di Novanta minuti!


June 16th is the “Free RPG Day”, that in Poland is called “Dzień Darmowych Gier Fabularnych”. For this occasion, polish website grynarracyjne.pl, the same websites that last month published my interview about the game, asked me permission to translate and publish the polish translation of Ninety Minutes.

The game itself is not finished yet, it needs playtesting and polishing; anyway, given that the playtest draft is already available for free in Italian and English, adding another translation can only make me happy.

Plus, the people who worked on the file assembled a really beautiful manual.

So, I’m happy to present 90 minut, Polish translation of Ninety Minutes!