Other italian projects

I’ve added a link section on the right, “Other italian projects”; in there you can find links to other projects from italian designers.

They’re not the only italian worthy projects, obviously, nor the only ones I know; I put there games that:

– I know (well, duh)

– I like or find interesting

– Have their own website/blog to link to

– Are available in English

Not all the games I link to are finished yet–some are still under playtest or in editing phase, but I’ll link to them anyway if I think they are interesting.

The first three projects/games I’d like to point out are:

Burning Opera, by Giacomo Vicenzi, a game in which a group of actors trapped in a burning theatre decide to re-enact their last plays. It was a finalis in the 2012 edition of the “Game Chef”.

“The Chiseled Gear”, the game design venture of the fabulous italian illustrator Tazio “Suna” Bettin, and particularly his game Beyond the Mirror, a Blade Runner inspired story-game about the discovery of one’s self and the meaning of humanity. I think it’s currently in layout phase, and I can’t wait to see it finished.

Last but not least, “Parti di Testa”, the website of italian designer, player, larper, organizer, promoter, theorist and all-around rpg enthusiast Raffaele “Rafu” Manzo. Among other things, I’d like to point out his game I Reietti di Eden (Cast Down from Eden), an urban-fantasy game about promethean angels and their mortal allies. It’s good. It’s not finished yet. I hope Rafu will finish it sometimes in the near future, because I really want to play it again.

So, these are the first projects/games that popped into my mind. As I’ve said, there are a lot of other good games and designers, in Italy (just to put down a couple of heavy names: Iacopo Frigerio, author of RavenDeath,  and Davide Losito, author of Elar. And let’s add a couple of fresh names too: Lavinia Fantini, author of Figli del Sole, and Daniele Di Rubbo, author of Ultimo viene il coyote), but they don’t have a unified website/blog for their development projects and/or their projects are not available in English, at the moment, so I can’t link to something both concrete and useful.

Anyway, check out the link bar from time to time, ’cause I’ll add links to it every time I’ll discover something new that I like from the italian rpg scene!

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